Thursday, May 31, 2012

What computer to buy? Desktop vs Laptop

Below are common types of computer and reasons why you should be buying them

1) Desktop Computer
  • This is the kind of computer which is stationary. 
  • Typically it has has a monitor and CPU (Central Processing unit), keyboard, speaker and mouse which are separate from one another. If you want a computer where you can put in one place like the family living room so you can monitor your children's computer use then this is what you want to purchase. 
  • You would also consider a desktop computer if you want to easily upgrade specific parts to your liking. Easily upgrade means you can remove the parts easier as compared to that of a mobile computer where more technical know-how would be required. 
  • Typically the cost to of each parts of a desktop computer is also relatively cheaper compared to the parts of a mobile computer.
  • Of course being stationary means it is not portable to be moved from one place to another. However for this you might consider those high-end branded desktops which have the monitor and CPU fused into one. But then again it won't be easily upgradeable anymore. A sample of these are those of MAC Desktops.

  • The price can vary depending on the power and brand you would like to purchase but a desktop is still a cheapest among all type of computers. 

2) Laptop

  • Laptops are portable.
  • Currently there are two kinds. A notebook and a Netbook. Most notable difference between a notebook and a netbook is in terms of size and existence of a internal disc drive.
  • Laptop Netbooks
    • They are are equal or less than 10.1 inch and don't have any internal disc drive. 
    • They light and cheaper than a notebook.
    • If you are looking to just use your computer for surfing the internet, using Microsoft Office and simple picture editing and multimedia presentation then you could go for a netbook.
    • Don't be turned away from the lack of an internal disc drive as this can be remedied by getting an external one. They don't cost much and sometime they are even given as a freebie or are part of the package price already.

  • Laptop Notebooks 
    • they are usually greater than 10 inches and will have an internal disc drive.
    • They are a bit pricier especially as the screen size and processing power increases. It can go as double the price compared to that of a desktop with similar specifications.
    • If you wish increased mobility without sacrificing power and functionality then a notebook is what you are looking for.

  • A downside to a laptop compared to a computer is that they won't be that easily upgradable and repairable without more knowledge about their technical structure. You may have to send the laptop to a technician when the need arises.
When buying a computer always consider (1) for what you will be using it and (2) how much is your budget? Buy answering this you would a shortlist already of the product you wish to purchase and from there do a more closer inspection next of the specifications of each model to find that which is best suited to your needs and budget. 


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