Saturday, September 29, 2012

Learnings from a Paypal Hacking Experience: Part Two - What to do after your Paypal gets hacked

In Part One you were shown what a Paypal hacker might do to your account. This part gives you advice on how to proceed after you get hacked.

Learnings from a Paypal Hacking Experience: Part One - What the hacker does to a PayPal account he hacks

   For most of us especially those who sell online like on eBay, PayPal is very important. It enables buyers to have the security of paying online and for sellers to have the opportunity to receive payments fast and across international borders. However the occasional bad hacker (yup, there are good hackers also) comes along and mess with your happy online existence.

   Our store Paypal account was the hacked recently and we've thought it best to narrate the experience here in order to help and warn other people. The article will be divided into 3 parts to explain what the hacker does to an account he has hacked (Part One), how to deal with it immediately (Part Two) and precautionary steps to avoid it from happening (Part Three).