Monday, August 27, 2012

How does a PayPal hacker use or turn the Paypal balance he hacked to real cash?

1) Trading the PayPal account balances

    The hacker will sell the PayPal money to a willing buyer. If the hacker is selling Paypal balance in dollars then it would be at a low exchange rate and / or less the service fee. Selling in dollars is less suspicious as they can just justify that it was something earned from providing services to foreign clients who pay in dollars.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Here are tips in knowing how to make a strong password

Upon learning about the pitfalls of password creation in a previous post you should next learn about how to create strong passwords.

Common pitfalls in using passwords

Passwords are needed to secure your identity. You need a good password to ensure hackers will be kept away from getting precious information that will help them steal not just your identity but also the money from your credit cards and  bank accounts.

However it is easy to succumb to some bad habits when it comes to using passwords. Here are the common pitfalls you should avoid

How to turn-off conversational or threaded view in Gmail

Conversation or threaded view in Gmail is very handy because it groups together emails with the same subject. However if you are trying to determine the order of how different emails went inside your inbox then the conversation or threaded can make it a little difficult.

Here is a list of steps to help you turn-off conversation view in Gmail.