Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Get started with emoticons

After knowing some chat slang and abbreviations from here it is best to add more feelings to your text with emoticons. Emoticons are text which convey emotions like happiness, shock, love, sadness, etc. If you are using a chat program like YM and GTalk they automatically translate the emoticons in text to smiley images.

Most Common Emoticons that you will find immediately helpful are
:) happy
:( sad
:D big grin
:-O surprise
:)) laughing
:(( crying

my personal favorite however is the

>:) devil (for those evil plots and schemes)

Emoticons with their corresponding smiley image for YM can be seen from the Yahoo website here. A second list by Yahoo also located here contains more uncommon emoticons that are hidden within YM and will most likely shock your friends, wondering how you were able to use it.

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