Sunday, August 26, 2012

Here are tips in knowing how to make a strong password

Upon learning about the pitfalls of password creation in a previous post you should next learn about how to create strong passwords.

1) Think of a long phrase and use all that as a password.

This comic from xkcd should help explain why long passwords are better than short passwords.


2) You can make it longer by putting a hyphen or special characters in between the words

3) If you are limited with the character to use make use of  capital letters and special characters and character substitutions.

example: bornwild = B0rnW1ld3r
in here the first characters of the word are in capitalized, vowels are substituted with numbers. You can make your own rules.

Go ahead and make you password changes now. Feel free to test out your new passwords with Microsoft's password checker.

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