Friday, March 18, 2016

Learnings from a Paypal Hacking Experience: Part Three - Preventive measures to avoid Paypal account getting hacked

In order to ensure you are protected against hackers please remember some guidelines

1) Setup your email accounts that are linked to your Paypal account with two-step verification. IMHO Gmail still has the better security and faster free email service over Yahoo.

2) Never share your passwords! If you must write it down, make it discreet like writing it in a way only you can read, understand or decode.

3) Never logon to your accounts using free networks. Buying that Starbucks latte might get you a free internet but hackers are equally happy sniffing the networks for that sensitive data you are transmitting. You want to buy that product on sale on the internet? Do it at home on your own home network or using your own mobile data credits. That's goes for free internet at the office :) .

4) Never logon to your accounts from internet shops. You don't know how many spywares and malwares are installed on that computer. Your mobile cellphone using your mobile data credits would be much safer than the internet shop.

5) If you can, try to change passwords every six months. Or if you don't want to, make your passwords strong by using combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Preferably 10 characters and above.

6) When verifying your Paypal account use a debit card with LITTLE to ZERO minimum required amount so that in the event your Paypal gets hacked the hacker won't be able to charged a lot of money in your credit card.

7) If you Paypal is used to received money, always make a point to withdraw your money and do not allow it to accumulate. Paying that small fee because you did not meet the minimum required amount to make a withdrawl is better that giving the hacker the satisfaction of getting a big chunk of your money.

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